Dear Doctimus Prime,

A Nigerian adage says that broom sticks tied in a bunch is not easily broken. But a broom stick that chooses to stand alone will sooner or later be broken. This saying is true about our vocation as Christians. We are called together into the Body of Christ, his Church to strengthen and build each other up (1 Cor 12:12-31).

“Us” And “Them”

Many times we act in ways that show that we have clearly misunderstood Christ’s call to unity and love. Many times we emphasize what divides us and not what unites. Sometimes we emphasize the fact that some people are not part of our fold that we overlook the good that they are doing. We see a similar reaction in the Apostles themselves. They tried to stop an exorcist who did great works in Jesus’ name (See Mk 9:38-43,45-48). Like them, we choose those we relate with based on whether “he is one of us” or not. By so doing we lose out on the great potential and fresh insight which a person can bring to a group. In the same way too, never ridicule the beliefs or faith of others. You have received the fullness of divine revelation in the Church. This should not prevent you from seeing the light in what others are doing. Improve your knowledge and point others to the truth as well.

Celebrate Over Hate

Joshua whom Moses had raised, fell into a similar trap when he begged his master to stop two men from prophesying simply because they were not in the tent of meeting when the spirit descended (See Num 11:25-29). You are not to envy others simply because God has chosen to be gracious to them and bless them. If you are not as endowed materially and spiritually, God is probably teaching you to be more dependent on Him.

Be A Hero

Speaking of dependence, there are persons who look up to you for their spiritual or material development. Greed should find no place in your heart. The inordinate desire to acquire things even at the expense of others in unchristian (See James 5:1-6). Others look to you for inspiration in the Christian life. Let your life be a proof of God’s grace which leads you to show love. We learn each day and there is no one too old to learn something new. Let God’s law of love be your guiding principle. As we seek unity and inner peace with God and others in the coming week, may we find Him attending to our needs.




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