Dear Doctimus Prime,

I wrote a fairly lengthy reflection this morning and wanted it to be for those who have the patience to read. So here it goes:


Lk 1:38 “I am the handmaid off the Lord. Let what you have said be done to me.”

Reflection: Although Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Church wants us to reflect on the Lady whose consent made it possible. From the Gospel reading we can identify some traits that reveal Mary’s personality and these should guide you too.

FULL OF GRACE: Mary was filled with God’s grace because God favoured her and also because she disposed herself to receive it. Are you open to receive God’s grace and to be His channel of grace or are you more concerned about being acceptable to others?

HUMILITY: By acknowledging that she is God’s handmaid, she chose to do God’s will and not hers. Mary’s awareness of her place as God’s handmaid tells us that she is aware of her relationship with God. Is relationship with God something important to you? When she says “let your will be done”, she considers God’s plan to be bigger than hers. Do you make your plans bigger than that which God makes for you or do you trust him to plan for you?

SELFLESS: She always thinks of others first. She valued humanity’s salvation over her need to secure her marriage or virginal purity. She chose to become the means by which God’s promise to assure the perpetual reign of David’s line is fulfilled (2Sam 7:16). We see a similar gesture at the wedding feast in Cana where Jesus performs his first miracle at her request (cf. Jn 2:3).

VIRGIN AND MOTHER: Virginity and Motherhood co-existed in Mary because God means to show us that humans are the only ones God created for themselves. Humans are also created to give the gift of themselves in marriage. Are you doing all in your power to develop all your gift, intellectual, moral, human, social and spiritual, so that you can bless the world with the gift of yourself? Mary gave herself to God and God gave the gift of himself through her; this without disdain to her virginity. You should enjoy your virginity by discovering the gift which you are before giving yourself to another person.

Prayer: God dispose my heart to love you and my soul to receive you. Make me a gift to the world.

Today’s Readings: 2Sam 7:1-5,8—11,16; Ps 89:2-5,27,29; Rom 16:25-27; Lk 1:26-38





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