#17 Illuminati

eye of God

Dear Doctimus Prime,
I believe it when people say that half-truths are more dangerous than total ignorance. There is this whole buzz about an ‘Illuminati society’ and symbols relating to them. In my usual way, I had to look up some historical facts to determine why there is so much noise today about them. I think what really got me pissed and upset was when someone claimed that certain Catholic symbols, which speak of certain attributes of God, are illuminati symbols. But first, I had to get to the root of the whole Illuminati enterprise (call it whatever you want!).

One author wrote that “their modern origin traces back to the 1760s and a man named Adam Weishaupt, who defected from the Catholic church and organized a group of ‘enlightened’ men, financed by the International Bankers. Since then, according to the Illuminati, their top goal has been to achieve a “one world government” and to subjugate all religions and governments in the process” (http://people.virginia.edu/~sfr/enam481/groupa/illumhist.html). The Catholic Encyclopedia corroborates the fact about the name of the group’s founder but states its aim a little differently.

eye of God3

In a document written and completed in 1776, Weishaupt stated the aim for which the Illuminati was founded. It will start off as a new popular religion (not sure what this means exactly, but with the way people worship money and sex, I am afraid that might just be it!). In the domain of politics, it will involve the gradual establishment of a universal democratic republic. Society will be regulated by reason (do whatever your mind tells you!). This way of thinking and acting is to replace the religious and political tutelage of Church and State, of “priest and prince” (http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/07661b.htm). I believe there is a lot more going on than we even know.
Our level of morality and religious piety are declining and no one is complaining; no one even cares. A country which has huge financial debt issues to resolve but chooses to concern itself with raising democratic government in foreign nations does not give anyone a source of concern. We are not even bothered that we are comfortable to think that “EVERYONE SHOULD CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE”. Now, people even have cause to believe that the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by Jesus Christ Himself, has come under illuminati influence!

eye of God2

One of the means Weishaupt employed to implant this seed of distrust of the Catholic Church and its symbols in our mind is by using some of them for other purposes. The two-finger sign, the “eye of horus” are just easy examples. The two-finger sign (which some call ‘the peace sign’) is depicted in paintings of Christ and denotes his TWO NATURES as HUMAN AND DIVINE. The Eye of God is an equilateral triangle with a single eye inside it and almost always with rays emanating from it. It symbolizes the omnipresence and omniscience of God, who watches over all things. It is also associated with the Trinity (which the triangle symbolizes in itself). Related Bible verses are Psalms 34:15, “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous” and Proverbs 15:3, “The eyes of the Lord are in every place.” Any other meaning attached to the so-called “eye of horus” is unbiblical and unchristian. To liken these ‘illuminati’ signs to Christianity or Catholicism is like claiming that a Father looks like son when in fact the reverse is the case.

eye of God1

Prime, I have decided to concern myself with building up my knowledge of my Christian faith, learning and teaching others to believe in JESUS as the Way, the ONLY TRUTH and the LIFE. I will also do all that is in my power to be patriotic and serve my country the best way I can. With that I have little or no time bothering about who is illuminati or not, which symbols indicate their presence or not. I will just keep MAKING CHRIST PRESENT EVERYWERE. Oh, before I forget, I also found out that Adam Weishaupt returned and was reconciled to the Catholic Church before he died.


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